A Quick Update! – Lucky Iron Fish

A Quick Update!

We have been working with the Women’s Birth & Wellness Center (WBWC) for almost a year! The WBWC provides comprehensive primary and preventive care from adolescence through menopause and beyond to women of diverse backgrounds. Complete maternity care, from planning for pregnancy to childbirth, including postpartum and breastfeeding programs.

The Lucky Iron Fish is provided to patients who are struggling to maintain iron levels during pregnancy, and is also available at the boutique, which carries a large selection of natural and holistic health products. All the proceeds of the boutique go toward benefiting the WBWC. “We are moving the Fish happily. We see a good amount of Medicaid patients with low iron - women are happy to try something new!” Holly, WBWC

“It is great and easy to use.  The keys are remembering to add a few drops of lemon juice (or concentrate) to the water when boiling and for a picky toddler. A great simple solution was to use the Lucky Iron Fish Water to make lemonade from concentrate, this gives extra vitamin C to increase your absorption too. I also started making orange juice the same way (just make sure the concentrate doesn’t already have calcium added, as it competes with iron for absorption).  My husband makes a pot of water every day or two and we let it cool on the stove overnight (with the fish out of the pot).  I use it for everything from lemonade to making pasta sauce/soup/etc. At my last routine iron check I was in the high-middle of normal.  Pretty good! I plan to continue using the Lucky Iron Fish even when I’m not pregnant as a way to shore up any deficiencies and to help keep my daughter from developing anemia too.” - Juliette, Fish Fan

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  • @DAVE
    We are thrilled to hear about your great results! Congratulations!
    When your water is boiling and you add your Fish this is the time to add your acidity. :)

    Lucky Iron Fish
  • Hello,

    I have experienced low iron levels due to my athletic activities including cycling and weight training. I would often suffer from what is known as angular cheilitis in the corner of my lips because of the low iron levels. Since using your lucky iron fish I have not had any incidents since and my iron levels are improved.

    Questions: As far as adding the acidity is it just as effective to use lemon concentrate as an actual lemon? Is the juice from an orange as effective and last question, is it better to add the acidity when I first pour the water or after it starts to boil when I add the iron fish?

    Great product!!

    Best regards,


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