How We Give: Buy One, Give One Philosophy – Lucky Iron Fish

How We Give: Buy One, Give One Philosophy

Lucky Iron Fish Founder & CEO, Gavin Armstrong, discusses the social and environmental impact of Lucky Iron Fish at a TEDx Talk. Note: Figures, impact, and costs have evolved since video publishing.  


Our mission is simple: We want to combat iron deficiency in a meaningful way.

Iron deficiency is a massive and complex global problem. Two billion people around the planet suffer from iron deficiency, that’s one third of the world’s population. Though anyone is susceptible, iron deficiency mainly affects women and children. Iron pills are simply failing to make a difference. They are expensive, have terrible side effects, and are not always culturally accepted. The world needs a simple solution for this complex problem, and that’s where the Lucky Iron Fish comes in. For every Lucky Iron Fish you purchase, we commit to donating one to a family in need for free. One Lucky Iron Fish provides a significant portion of a family’s daily required iron intake, and is reusable for up to five years. It’s a simple, affordable and effective solution that is safe for anyone to use.

Impact is an important part of the Lucky Iron Fish ethos, which is why it is incorporated into everything we do. It’s not just our end product improving lives, but our entire business model. We are continually striving to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way; such as hiring local staff, using recycled and biodegradable materials, and supporting like-minded businesses and organizations. As a result, we are proud to be a B-Corp certified company.

It’s our vision to improve the health and wealth of our communities. That’s why by 2020, it's our goal to have distributed one million fish to one million families in need all over the world.

Let's solve iron deficiency together. Let's put a fish in every pot.