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We work with charities, NGOs and companies to provide an innovative & proven solution for community based iron deficiency anemia programs

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Iron deficiency is the world's largest micronutrient disorder, disproportionately affecting women and children, causing negative health and socioeconomic impacts. Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (LIFE) has developed a simple and clinically proven home fortification tool that lasts up to five years and is safe for the entire family. LIFE works with organizations, foundations, charities and companies to co-develop localized training for communities, providing resources tailored to each location.

COVID-19 is putting an additional strain on health systems, resulting in an increase in public health demands. A recent report by World Vision estimates that an additional 5 million children will suffer from malnutrition as a result of COVID 19, a 40% increase over last year. LIFE provides a long term, sustainable solution that stays in the homes and reduces the need for women and caregivers to travel to busy health centres or pharmacies to refill their supplements.


LIFE has worked with organizations around the globe and is available in 90+ countries

Lucky Iron Fish can work as a stand alone project or embed in existing programs addressing a number of public health issues including:


LIFE works with partners to provide customized programming and pricing for community led interventions.

According to the Power of Nutrition, for every $1 invested in nutrition there can be a return in investment of $16 to the economy.  Restoring iron status plays a role in improving health outcomes in communities, cognitive development in children and plays a positive role in improving socio economic status.


LIFE provides discounted pricing for eligible organizations along with basic training. Organizations will receive access to a training portal with a variety training tools


LIFE works with local partners to design and deploy a train the trainer model, ensuring local knowledge and adoption of the Fish. LIFE works with partners to implement culturally relevant programs that ensure community adoption and participation. 


LIFE works with diagnostic partners to assess the impact of its solution on local populations. Using simple handheld devices, we can work with you to monitor hemoglobin levels to test for an increase in hemoglobin levels and a decrease in anemia. LIFE provides the technical expertise to develop study protocols.


LIFE works with innovative technology partners to assess the impact of the Fish. Digital M&E tools provide real-time feedback to stakeholders on community wellbeing, compliance, user satisfaction, and productivity.

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