Lucky Iron Fish | Iron Deficiency Anemia Solution Alternative to Pills

Iron deficiency sucks.
Improving your iron intake doesn't have to.

Start cooking with the Lucky Iron Fish or Leaf to fortify daily dishes with bioavailable iron. Ideal for preventing or tackling iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. 

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The Lucky Iron Fish is an effective and reusable cooking tool that helps you fortify daily meals with extra iron.

A portion of every sale is used to give back to undernourished communities around the world. 


We believe that improving iron levels should be gentle on the stomach AND on the planet.

Clinically proven to be just as effective as traditional iron pills, but without any of the side effects or the carbon footprint.

β€œThis Fish is off the Hook”

-Oprah Magazine


How Do I Use The Lucky Iron Fish?

How to use Lucky Iron Fish (or Leaf)

Lucky Iron Fish is designed to release a significant portion of your daily recommended iron every time it is added to any liquid-based cooking for 10 minutes. It's as easy as 1-2-3-4.

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How Does The Lucky Iron Fish Compare?

1 Lucky Iron costs approx. $50 and lasts 5 years vs. 5 years of iron pill bottles cost approx. $1,500

For a fraction of the cost of monthly iron pills, the Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf provides a whole family with extra iron for 5 years.


Get a significant portion of your daily required intake with each use of the Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf.

When added to 4 cups of boiling liquid for 10 minutes, the Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf releases 6-8mg of bioavailable iron.

*Infants under 7 months as well as individuals with genetic disorders such as Hemochromatosis should avoid using this product.
If you are uncertain or have any concerns, please consult your healthcare provider.

IRON 101

Iron Deficiency Affects β…“ Of The World

We are on a mission to make it a thing of the past. 

Making our innovation accessible to marginalized or disadvantaged communities is an important value to Lucky Iron Fish.


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